TFA (Teach for America) 25th Summit

While I first wanted to write about how my family and I are two separate entities, I would have also wanted to write how my friends are my family.  This fact became apparent this past weekend when I saw literally everyone I had ever taught with/knew during my days in education. From TFA Houston, Delta Institute, the Atlanta year, and the earlier schools in NYC. As such, I was amazed to learn how everyone was still involved in education.

I was so enthralled that some people were still in the same classroom after all this years. Some had joined the staff, some had risen in ranks, and many lived in brand new places. As I learned about this, I realized that I had several more white allies and good friends than I realized. When I became militant I cut off anyone who didn't immediately agree. Granted, some of the people I saw again may have differing views than me, but they're all wonderful people. Furthermore, they're all allies in their own way and while not everyone may be as blatant as I am on social media, real life or other platforms, they are supportive. Perhaps I should've messaged, emailed or called more? As that turned out to be effective for many of them. Overall, I missed all of these people I fought the good fight in the classroom with and all of our adventures. While I wish to apologize to all of them for removing such good people from my life, I also know that that I need their help in the consciousness I have these days for Black Lives Matter, Gay Rights, and Pro-Feminist ideals.

The summit was fun and I went to almost no panels because I got in so late on Friday and literally hung out with old friends and told life  stories all day long-my voice was hoarse by the end of the night. I went to several happy hours and after parties (cheapest time ever) before and after the main event. The highlights of the main event were the general positivity, cultural celebrations (spoken word too!), personalized Obama message, the TFA student who became a TFA teacher and of course Janelle Monae. Overall, it was a glorious time and it was a sigh of relief that all of my TFA life friends were still in the trenches night after night uplifting the greatness of country.

In the end, I wrote this blog post for all of my teachers and all of those who taught. I miss you, you are my family and I hope to see you continue to help your students and those that teach them grow and flourish. At the same time, please be active in some way to support Black Lives Matter, LGBT Rights, and Feminist ideals whether by email, text, direct messaging, phone or otherwise. I want to hear your input your my friends and I'll see you again.