I have recently discovered that I have stocks that my mom set up ages ago. As she is often aloof she opted not to tell me because it probably didn't come to her, but now that I am informed I am trying to take advantage of this system.  As such, this post is a bit different because I want to be informative while offering a new realm of information that I haven't been privy to for about sixteen years.

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Anyways, when I was in 5th and 6th grade, our class did a mini stock market game for about a week or two in order for us to understand the dynamics of the stock market and to experience that lifestyle.  I personally loved it. We got into groups of about five and got to pick five stocks with the favorites being Pfizer, Disney, Microsoft, Apple, and Proctor & Gamble. We would learn about splits, rise and fall, shares, buying and selling and most importantly the stock market floor experience: On the last day of the experience we had a mock stock market floor with ticker symbols, yelling, buying and selling, papers thrown everywhere - it was amazing.

As such, my love for stocks never wavered; however, a lot of life happens in sixteen years and overtime stocks never became a prominent part of my education (though the 8th grade financial class came close) or the education I taught my students. All of that changed last week.

Since then, I have worked with my mom to learn the ins and outs of buy and selling, trading options and limits. Stocks for growth versus dividends and how to blend popular stocks with the lesser known consistent stocks. While it is money for the long term, I cannot deny how engaging and intriguing this new world is for me..

As such, if any of you have stocks I'd love to discuss your thoughts and ideas. I'm open to financial advising as well. 

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