Horoscope Friendships, Relationships, Family and Coworkers

Today has been an odd day due to how my sleep was thrown off; however, I felt I would write a few blog posts to get my thoughts out. As such, I'm starting with my blog on horoscopes.  Now we all no I'm not religious, superstitious and generally have a low belief in spirituality. However, I do take note of coincidences (when one door closes, another opens, happening to be at the right place at the right time etc...). One particular coincidence that has been occurring frequently is people's horoscopes and their pairings with me or personalities in general. Before this past year, horoscopes were silly nonsense to me outside of a video game that used it for a strong plot and someone I named in an organization was in years ago. However, recently (and this may be due to hanging with more of melanin brothers and sisters - belief systems are higher in people of color than those without based on my experience), a lot of people are making a lot more sense based on their horoscopes.

Anyways, let's break down my experiences with each one in no particular order.

Note - I'm a Sagittarius.

Aquarius: As this is a sign I have strong compatibility with, I tend get along well with people in this sign. Most of the people I have encountered in this sign may often disagree with me, but not to the point of absolutes, it's more to a point of agree to disagree. As such, I have had a strong relationship and a strong friendship out of this sign. Both of these people I have had ups and downs with, but in the end there is a sense of respect and enjoyment of being around them. Furthermore, the people in this sign tend to be long-term hustlers based on my experience as they have rocky starts, but with perseverance become established people. Generally speaking, I enjoy being around people of this sign and can often pick up right were we left off with them.

Pisces: Ever the emotional sign in my experience. I tend to get along with Pisces, but not as much in a relationship sense.  Most of the people I have met with this sign seem to have a lot of emotion and pathos in whatever they are set on. I think they are far more grounded than I am, but far less willing to live on the wild side. I have had a couple of solid relationships and friendships here, but the bond is more for introspective thinking rather than wild times except for one.

Aries: I have decided that I hope I get married to an Aries lady. While I can't say I've been strong relationship wise with this sign, I have been immensely strong friendship and coworker wise. I tend to get along and agree with many people who are Aries. My current favorite coworker is an Aries, some of my oldest friends are Aries and more often than we think on similar wavelengths. This is the friend who will agree with you, but you can't fault them when they do exactly what you would do in an unfortunate situation. Lastly, I find the hook-up culture of Aries to be similar in strength to Sagittarius, I've met more flirts in these two signs than any other. As such, we should probably all become swingers since we love as hard as we play.

Taurus: Arguably my most prominent stay away from sign in regards to relationships and coworkers. As my one Taurus relationship was awful and my Taurus coworker has a completely different world view than me. As friends, I don't seem to have many of this sign either.  I am often at odds with people of this sign not simply because of incompatibility, but because they seem to be far more unwavering in their beliefs than I am. I can be odds with people here due to religion, family and ways of living. Only a couple people here have been stalwart friends.

Gemini: May be the funniest sign I've encountered. People in this sign tend to have their own set of rules, but they adapt them to whatever situation they are in. I get along with this sign with coworkers and friends as they make me laugh frequently and don't mind occasional dips into recklessness. I view this sign as great acquaintance. I don't feel that the people in this sign I will know for years. Still, I do feel that the short time I spend with them will feel like years because of how fun they are to be around.

Cancer: My mother's sign and one that I often feel at odds with. While the relationship here is not contentious, it is also not harmonious with the exception of maybe one person (not my mom). I think Cancer's tend to be the people I happen to work with, be related to, go to school with. No this is not the gregarious Gemini acquaintance, but more the people you say hello to and share a few words with. I think I'm guarded with this sign because we have tendency to not see fundamental living styles in the same light. I find myself sharing the least of my true personality with Cancer because they are often not concerned with it.

Leo: Another compatible sign, but in an extremely different way than Aries or Aquarius. Leo's tend to be passionate comets of ephemeral memories for me. I have had vigorous friendships and working relationships with Leos, but not for years on end. I feel that whenever I tend to hang out with a Leo it's an absolutely wonderful time as I have about three strong friendships, one strong coworker, and a pretty good relationship that all were good while they lasted. Interestingly enough, I feel that this is one of the bonds that is displaced from my end. I often wish my times could last forever with them, but I never feel that the feeling is mutual and the bond suffers for that.

Virgo: While not as virulent as Taurus, I find that I can be extreme odds with Virgos. They tend to be stubborn in my experience with coworkers and friendships as well. On a surface level, we can get along well, but if it goes into deeper friendships or relationships it can be disagreeable. I have had yelling matches with Virgos and I tend to keep on my toes around them. They are fun for a bit, but the long term tends to be difficult in my experience as they are less likely to be as adaptable to change as I can be (and I'm not that adaptable).

Libra: I enjoy Libras, while I'm not sure how a relationship would pan out, they tend to be agreeable people who I enjoy talking with. Why talking? Because I do more talking with this sign than any other activity. Catching up with these people is an absolute joy because they can hold conversations so well and they are gregarious to be around. If there is one fault, I feel that they are timid on the deeper end. I have a great conversations with Libras, but not ones that dive too deep into the personal with the exception of one. As such, I feel that the relationship potential is minimal as I feel that many times I meet women in this sign who are almost available to date, but it doesn't work. I will say my coworker Libra experience has been a lot of fun to be around overall.

Scorpio: I like Scorpios a lot as they tend to have a strong core and determined mindset with them. From a friendship, coworker, and relationship level they tend to be involved in caring about you as a person, sometimes more than signs outright compatible with. At the same time, if a Scorpio disagrees with me, then there is no convincing otherwise. I have aggressive agreements and disagreements on topics, fundamental values, and ways of thinking with Scorpios to the point of not bringing up those subjects again. However, it is not an acerbic disagreement and one that I can often come to mutual understanding with for people who are Scorpios. As such, I have had some important friendships (my best elementary and high school friends were Scorpios) and dating moments with Scorpios that stand the test of time even though they often think I'm out of my mind.

Sagittarius: My sign! Ah Sagittarius, the glorious people. I'm being facetious, but I will say that I get along with my own sign to a point. Currently, some of my better friends in NYC are Sagittarius. I also think this city works well for our sign because we are always moving. Myself and many Sagittarius people I know often jump from jobs, relationships, residences and more. We seem to be a bit more impulsive, but we are always having fun. Where this falls short is our allegiance. While, I can say all these difficulties about myself, but I notice that many Sags tend have difficulty settling, you have to be on 100 to continue to impress in a relationship, work environment and sometimes even as a friend. It is constant work for us to improve on being grounded, but it is also constant work to keep us engaged.

Capricorn: My father's sign and in my experience one of the more emotional signs. This is a sign I don't tend to encounter often as we don't even seem to meet (perhaps they're introverts and I'm too busy being extroverted with my fellow Sags). As coworkers, they are resolved, but helpful and as a friends and family they are fairly agreeable. On other notes, I have seen them go through a lot of worry and stress from thinking about issues with people they are close to. My dad often does not worry about situations, but he worries frequently about his family no matter how far removed. It is sign I would be interested in knowing more about, but it rarely happens.

In the end, these could all be contrivances, but I can't ignore the similarities in the people I have met of particular signs. A few have been exceptions, but that is the 1 out of 10 instead of the 9 out of 10.


Signs I get along with:

  • Aries (strong friendships and strong family)
  • Aquarius (strong relationships and dating)
  • Leo (passionate friendships)
  • Libra (agreeable)
  • Gemini (entertaining, strong coworkers)
  • Sagittarius (like-minded individuals, strong friendships)
  • Scorpio (Mutual respect for the most part)

Signs I don't get along with:

  • Taurus (rough relationships, rough coworkers)
  • Virgo (rough coworkers and temporary friendships)
  • Cancer (Little concern for each other, disagreeable family)
  • Capricorn (Difficult to approach)
  • Pisces (Disagreeable relationships)