Knowledge and Skill Sets

It has been about a month since I posted as April was a truly busy month and May is quite the same.


A friend connected me with a group on Facebook where people outline their knowledge and skills. As I waited on my job to let me know what to do with me in the next year, these skills became more apparent to me. That wait time enabled me to want to eventually leave the charter and begin to educate adults.  How I wanted to do that, I haven't figured out though a Doctorate to become a professor seems plausible to me. Even if it is not a Doctorate, I realize there are a variety of skills I can educate adults on. As such, this led to ideas on entrepreneurship. Ultimately, I'm trying to move into less worry and realizing I am not parents and will be absolutely fine at holding a job and living space while eventually meeting a special someone (who I am ok moving about with until we figure it all out). Still, if I want to be successful in educating adults I have to utilize my skills, which I will list here.


After being in this system for about 24 years, I think I have some idea of how it works. I have been consistently learning in a school for about 22 years and have been teaching for 6 years. As such, it remains to be the most consistent and committed concept I believe in. I believe that knowledge is not only the power to sit at the table, but also because it simply opens your mind up to more people, places and experiences. Whether I learned as a child or sparked the mind of a young child, the motivation to learn becomes when you comprehend a new idea or skill. Furthermore, adult education is a wonderful process that I want more people to partake in as I plan to assist them.


Photo by Devonyu/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Devonyu/iStock / Getty Images


 - Included with education, I would say is the vast knowledge of world history I have. I enjoy educating people on this as it gives people a variety of perspectives on countries and civilizations that they might not have known. This history can be extended to the US as well, considering my own multi-ethnic background and the answers I seek there. Being a historian often motivates my travel, as I go to where there is a strong foundation of ancient civilizations.

Media Analysis:

 I went to college for Film Critical Analysis at USC. USC is tied with Tisch (NYU) as the #1 film school in America and as such learned far more about film and television creation then I ever thought possible. In turn, this made me analyze literature in new way as well due to how it connected with film and television. While in a sense publications and research about film analysis would help educate people in how to view films and media in general, I am uncertain on how to profit from in besides becoming a professor in it.

Financial Literacy:

When you have a mother who is an accountant, you end up learning a lot about money. It's a good thing too as most people have an education that never tells them any of this except maybe outside of my business classes in college. Here is an area I really want to be supportive in as I feel that our country is against letting it's people gain this knowledge so that they stay within specific barriers of entry. Still, my mom has assisted my knowledge in banking, budgeting, credit cards, interests, loans, bonds, taxes, and currently stocks. Thus, I would be curious in how best to assist adults in financial advisement.

Solo Travel:

Everyone these days has a lot of experience with travel and their own preferences of how to travel and who to travel with.  I myself, have a consistent skill of traveling solo. While most of my advice would probably fit with a solo male, a solo female could take a great deal of knowledge from my experiences of blending in with locals, having to grapple with language barriers, and watching your own luggage in the airport (hardest part of traveling solo in my opinion). There are some wonderful moments of solo travel, from the serenity of reflecting in a place without societal pressures to the engagement of hundreds of people from around the world. As such, I think I would have a lot of fun with the adult education here because I can travel and teach if that is possible.


I am almost OCD about my suits (I have recently discovered I am OCD about time - hence where much of worry comes from either with lateness, future discoveries, or a need to simply explore without constraints). This is primarily because I have fallen in love with them. I got excited about them back in 2014; however, I have recently tried to find ways to touch them up as I meet more and more brothers - and some sisters - who have wonderful suits. I have researched, analyzed, tailored and contrasted to find the best ways to utilize and wear a suit. Tie bars, watches, matching metals, suspenders, pocket squares and lapel pins have pushed me to accessorize my suits. As such, I am often adjusting or admiring my coworkers, friends and every day business man suits. This is definitely something I want to educate more adults in and I think would be fun to make a living on showing people the correct suit styles or variations.

Health (Minor):

 I think I have a decent knowledge of health. I could be better in my nutrition, but I have a sensitive stomach, so what I eat is not the usual. Exercise wise, I have a ton of tips for lifting and working certain muscles. I'm also aware of how to stay fit. However, I am inconsistent which is why I find this more of a minor skill than a strong one. Yes, I am in shape, but I could be even better and with grad school and work and juggling a few personal issues, my ability to workout becomes difficult motivation. Still, even though I always say hey I should've worked out today, I will make it in the next day to try to get at least 3 workouts a week.

There you have it. I really hope that I can figure out how to educate adults in these categories. In the meantime, I would love to learn about all of your wonderful skills (if they're not already posted in that great Facebook group). Lastly, I'm genuinely curious on your thoughts of what I should do next. I have to be able to travel, educate adults and at least live reasonably. However, that's it. No worries anymore, NYC isn't the end all be all anymore. Obviously, the family is still the ideal, but anywhere I can find my Black travel crew I'll be fine.