Recently, my mind has been buzzing with new ideas and possibilities. While I have not exactly executed, I have been gathering valuable research and connections to help me navigate next steps.

Will they be outside of teaching? Possibly.
However, I am more likely to continue educating, but in a different realm at some point.
At the moment, I am still content teaching middle school, but I have some ideas on how to expand my brand or to even make one. As such, the idea of permanence and what that means to me has come up a lot more frequently lately.

I am someone who has lived their entire life in education or being the educator.
I have always traveled during summer, spring break and winter break.
I have always kept up "safe" appearances.
NYC was always the dream for me.

With a new piece of self-help literature to keep me from worrying and start living, I have become more accepting of change. This means I could leave NYC, travel with a special someone if that happens. I'm determined, but I'm also not going to get anxiety and confine myself anymore.

However, this means change with sustainability - what happens to the retirement, how do the stocks grow, what happens to guaranteed career benefits? Will the family happen at some point? It's a scary thought, but I know I need to happy in the work I do. Some of that has shifted, but I'm still here for education even though it may eventually be a different avenue.

As such, permanence is hard to find in this day and age. I held on to it for so long, but have a new moving community and network of great minds, home has become mobile. Beyond that, I'm realizing all the other talents I have can come to fruition.

The permanence isn't necessarily it being immobile, the permanence comes from always succeeding or maintaining happiness.