What I knew before this election/What I thought I knew before this election

As we are over a week with a new face in America that people are trying to normalize, I would like to continue the discussion and possibly even make this blog more political. The parents continue to be a pain point but have questions from the students as they are very curious as to why my parents would side with Trump considering that he and his administration will now affect them in the worst kind of way.

Anyways, I wanted to reflect upon where I was surprised with America and where I was not. I'm not a shocked white liberal, but there were some surprises along the way.

1. America is racist/Racism was that widespread: Of course America is racist, it has been for centuries. There are plenty of people who are subconsciously racist with their ignorance and privilege. However, I had no idea that the racism of the whitelash was that widespread. The concept of white people want their country back was huge as young white college graduates surprisingly decided to bring in a demagogue to reflect themselves and business. It was sad that all of this perceived aware media showcased a terrible leader who many people flocked to.

2. White women like Trump/White women prefer race over gender - I knew a good deal of white women would vote for Trump regardless of the sexist platform. However, I did not know that the white women would go with the concept of race over gender. Which is sad considering all the progression we've made for womens' rights and the fact they effectively voting against someone that looked like them...It is bizarre overall and doesn't exactly make sense.

3. Elections are won in the swing states/Elections are won in the counties - This is really where Hillary failed and Bernie and Obama succeeded. Several counties switched from Blue to Red because they weren't met by Hillary. They needed to feel special. Hillary relied too much on the urban areas which are almost always Blue outside of Jacksonville. What is interesting that these random small counties will be hit the most as many of these new policies are economic and will hurt them. As such, I'm kicking myself for not making it to an election in early October/Late September for local offices. 

4. Liberal and Conservative news is different/The facts are even different: One of the more intriguing aspects is when my parents and I are arguing and they ask if I've seen something and I tell them yes I have; however, when I ask if they've seen something they haven't. They only watch Fox News and have an incredibly biased view of Amerikkka and the world. Sadly, this is most of our country. Which means that while yes I saw the Black youth beating up the old Trump supporter I also saw the hundreds of hate crimes, while my parents did not. Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal article about red v. blue timelines backs this up in showing we are seeing completely different news.

5. Latinos were voting for Trump/A third of Latinos voted for Trump: As with the Hispanics becoming white article, this was a huge surprise to many people. Primarily because it was such a shift and odd that many of these people would begin to face issues with being considered a citizen, even if they are, due to the new regime.  As that article states, many Hispanics consider themselves white, which is crazy to me because the Hispanic experience is not at all like the white experience in this country even if they occasionally look the same.

6. Polls always lie/Every piece of media and poll was widely off - This falls along the lines of not being able to trust white people anymore; however, the polls made sense overall with all the hate speech and the platform. Still, Trump, the House and Senate finessed the hell out of that election and completely changed two branches and based on the ages of the Justices, most likely the third. Nobody expected this but it absolutely happened as nearly 50% didn't come to vote because they thought all would be fine, but apparently they were wrong.

7. Voting for a 3rd party never changes the election/Voting for a 3rd party changes the election: Most of the time people aren't too concerned with 3rd party because somehow they don't win. I wish more people did go for them, but it never seems to happen here. However, it does make changes, Ralph Nader shook up the 2000 election just as Jill Stein and Gary Johnson did for this one. Those more progressive votes could easily have gone Democratic. Still those percentage losses swung the state to Republicans who were pretty hardline with their stances.  I get the concept of voting 3rd party no matter what and I wish they had more power to change the vote, but currently they don't and those progressive ideals aren't going anywhere due to this shift.

8. I care about politics/I want to write and push politics: While this is less of analysis and more of an awakening about myself. However, I realized that through all these years on social media, teaching and traveling, I have transformed my thinking and essentially I can't go home again. As my uncle on my dad's said, I left the nest when I left Southern California and I have seen how the other half lives and I'm mad as hell about it. Furthermore, I'm going to do something about it. The extent of that is unbeknownst to me now, but I will make changes after teaching abroad.  

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