Multiethnic Ancestry

A week and a half ago I got my results back from AncestryDNA and the results were profound for me. I initially wanted to write from the perspective of well read researcher on the different tenants of my ethnic background; however, I write best when I write from a place of authenticity. As such, I want to write with my first reaction rather than I crafted one. 

As the name of this website suggests, I have always known that I was of mixed race/ethnic descent. To the extent of that was uncertain to me; however, with this DNA test which was backed up with some information from my cousin/aunt I felt that it was fairly accurate especially through DNA and mitochondrial samples: British, Irish, Eastern European (for me Finnsh/Russian) make sense as they link with the lines in the DNA; in terms of Africa the Nigerian roots seem to be Yoruba and Fulani  My results were as follows:


From the large amount of Italian/Greek I wondered where that came from until I learned that my grandfather on my mom's side was half Italian (how long she waited for me to tell this was beyond me). After that, the large swath of West African (particular Francophone) countries was empowering for me and an awe-inspiring moment for my father. The Italian was also supporting because of the pride of Rome and many other aspects of life I could now have. Furthermore, it was fun to note the Finnish, Irish and of course Portuguese heritage because the Portuguese numbers were so low while it was a surprise that I was Finnish and Irish. The best part of this was showing it to my students who learned that they could relate to my Ghanian, Cote d'Ivoire, Malian, Nigerian, Cameroonian, and Senegalese heritage. They celebrated as much as I did. Overall, it gave me joyful tears because I felt that 1) Multiethnic Mastery was a true statement and 2) I felt like I knew my identity.