The Top 10 X-Men

I recently saw X-Men Apocalypse, which while not too deep, was still a lot of fun. As such, I felt like making a top 10 X-Men list to follow up to my Top 10 Comic Book Superheroes. The X-Men are distinct in that they are a group of superheroes that come from a school. They often fight against other groups of villains as well for a variety of reasons.

Anyways, here's my list agree or disagree at your discretion.

HM: Wolverine

There was no way I could make an X-Men list and not have him mentioned. However, he has become a saturated market in my opinion. I thought he was the coolest ever in the 90s with the TV show and being the star in video games. Even in the first couple of X-Men films I still was all about the greatness that is Wolverine and his backstories. Now, I feel that Marvel has ruined him in some ways. I'm over him when I google him I don't get comic pictures, I get Hugh Jackman pictures. He was once amazing, but now he is so mainstream that he is not intriguing to me anymore. 


10. Bishop


I have always thought Bishop was one of the cooler characters with time travel and all the skills that he utilized in energy absorption.  Thus, I felt he was not used properly in Days of Future Past as the original 90s series is about him.  As such, I felt that this led to the introduction of a strong Black male character in the X-men comics. He sometimes went against the X-Men as well, but always had his own code. He also had great turns with the X-Force and X-treme X-Men.

9. Jubilee

Hello Generation X/90s teen audience stand-in for the world of X-Men.  I have no idea why I like Jubilee so much. Maybe due to her spunk, her bond with Wolverine or how hilarious she was in the 90s series and comics in general. Unlike a good deal of the rest of the X-Men that will be listed here, Jubilee does not have a standout power nor does always get her own plotlines. However, she often gives perspective on the ins and outs of the world of X-Men and its academy. I know there's some other fans of her, but for me she was my first step into the world of X-Men and I'll never forget that. 


8. Rogue

While I do enjoy what Bryan Singer did with Rogue in the first X-Men films, I first admired the character in the 90s series and found her strength and swagger to be one of the hottest aspects about her. As noted with me amazonian women in size and strength are always attractive to me and Rogue was no exception. Going beyond that, her powers were distinct due to absorption of everyone else's (played up well in the films) and her backstory with her mother was well done in both the 90s and 2000s animated series. 


7. Iceman

One of the only original 1960s X-Men on this list, Iceman was a great creation for a character and I continue to forget that he is an X-Men first due to his similarities to Silver Surfer and his appearances in other media. The films did a good job with him, but its the video games and the original 1960s run that makes him endearing to me. The video games especially did a great job at fighting an amazing range of powers for him to use with water and ice that you would have never expected they could come up with. Meanwhile, his allegiance with the original group (most of which I'm not too fond of) puts him as a consistent X-Men who has always been a positive and consistent hero in the X-Men canon.

6. Gambit

In terms of films, I'm not sure if they're ever going to get this character right. Here's to hoping his solo film and his ties to the next X-Men film will be good.  His character in the 90s series goes through hell and back that brings him into anti-hero status. Everyone loves his 90s romance with Rogue, but his own character development is strong as well. On a different note, video game developers always make him a beast and he is one of the greatest characters in fighting games or otherwise heightening his fanbase. Hopefully, a film will get him right.


5. Havok

Alex Summers is a much better character than his brother Scott Summers (Cyclops). With that information out of the way, Havok maintains his intrigue as a fascinating character in the comics.  I had a series of X-Factor comics and I enjoyed him as a unstructured leader along with his itneractions with Polaris and Multiple Man (two other favorites of mine that I don't know enough about for the limelight). The films did a decent job of him in First Class, but he could have been more developed due to how important and powerful he is in the comics. 

4. Nightcrawler

Where to begin with this brilliant character? This is arguably one of the best designed and developed X-Men of all time. His turn in the 90s series, comics and video games was wonderful and grew his power to unexpected heights. The films (X-2 in particular) and 2000s series grew his character development with religion, mutant racism for his appearance, and his overall kind soul. There are a few characters as well-developed and relatable to real life as Nightcrawler and he holds a high spot for me due to it.


3. Storm

I love this woman. She has been a strong powerful Black woman in comic book lore since the 70s and on top of that she is truly from Africa as well.  I have always been amazed that every X-Men writer has understood her importance and has consistently given her strong plot lines even though most of them have been white males. I loved her turn in the 80s with her punk look, ups and downs with Black Panther and leader spotlight. I enjoyed her confidence in the 90s and 2000s tv series (hooray for her son Spyke). I have also enjoyed her turns in the films as well. Halle Berry did a decent job, but I'm really excited for Alexandra Shipp.  She has never been disrespected due to her race and instead his a strong and admirable Black female in comis who was of the best powers manipulation - think about it. 

2. Psylocke

To be honest, the #1 only barely edges out Psylocke and he's technically a villain. I love Psylocke and that is why she has two pictures. The picture on the bottom was often the print advertisement for more comics and it was the first time at six years old I was crushing on a character. The purple hair, the ethnic ambiguity (relatable for me), the strength and psychic powers were amazing for me. She is one of my favorite video game characters to use for fighting or action games. Which is interesting because the video games often show her off more than the film or television series as she is an insanely popular character in the comics due to her powers and runs with Hellfire Club, Captain Britain, and anti-hero streak. As such, I was so excited that Olivia Munn pulled her off well and I got to see her in live action done well as she is too great a character to not have show up. I hope we will get to see more of her in the future.

1. Magneto

At first one might question why would have Magneto on the top of an X-Men list. Well for practicality, Magneto is linked to the X-Men comics and does not usually have involvement outside of it.  Furthermore, half the time Magneto allies with the X-Men against common foes. Lastly, Magneto is a hero in his own set of beliefs on mutants place in the world. In the video games his usage is debatable, but he often gets put as a final boss.  In the 90s and 2000s animated series, he is a force to be reckoned with and often is given many of his character developments that exist in the comics. In the films, Ian McKlellan has a great turn with him, but Michael Fassbender absolutely nails the character's anti-heroism in his debates with Charles Xavier. And I always enjoy the boundaries they push with his magnetism as his power is one of the greatest ever considering he can manipulate the metal in your body, in the earth and magnetic poles. His powers are almost limitless and so is his character development with his many children, Professor X, Mystique and his Brotherhood. For me and thanks to the films, he has become my favorite X-Man.