Travelblog: Bali Breeze

Everyone goes to the island of Bali. Honestly, I would say Bali is as well known a location as Bangkok, Saigon, Angkor Wat and Singapore. However, it is an island that lets you choose how you wish to enjoy it. In an odd reversal in is a Hindu island with Balinese style temples differing from the predominantly Muslim population of the rest of the islands in Indonesia. 

Anyways, I decided to make my trip to Bali one for more spiritual relaxation in a sense (yes there are many writings on my stance to religion, but travel and auras of people are where my spirituality comes in, it's lightweight) and one of cultural discovery. I stayed in Ubud at the center of the island which is the cultural and spiritual (yoga galore) hub of the island. This turned out to be more peaceful thing to the beach (Kuta) lifestyle as I'm not big on beaches and the weather was a little cooler due to that Bali breeze.

It was fun to see the difference in clothing styles of the Balinese with the skirts and sashes (there is a specific name for this - Kebaya which was frequent in Myanmar and Bali) that both women and men wore. The kecak dance (the chanting dance) was a blast with the story of Ramayan, as were seeing the rice terraces, the famous Kopi Luwak brewery (amazing teas and coffees), more vegetarian/vegan food (though suckling pig was the best food I had here by far), an amazing Batik (traditional Indonesian clothing dyeing style) class, dirt bike riding (first time on a motorcycle!!!) and the entertaining monkey forest (their hands are so similar to ours when they go for the bananas). Speaking of motorcycles, that was glorious. Riding on the black sand beach, Seminyak, in Bali and kicking the manual bike up to 4th gear. I had been trying to ride a motorcycle the entire time in SE Asia and I finally got my opportunity. There is no feeling like getting into high gear on a motorcycle and really controlling the bike as the rain whips your face from your speed. 

I would also meet a lot of people in my hostel, Nema Problema that had great banana pancakes and a variety of people from all over the world who strike up strong conversations. Arguably the friendliest of all my hostels outside of maybe Myanmar or Hong Kong. 

Overall, it's a relaxing island and a must-see in Indonesia. While it is touristy, it is still charming and tranquil in places which makes for a lovely journey.