Travelblog: Hong Kong and Macau

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Hong Kong is a Westernized city that is less about historical culture and more about the culinary arts and modernization. The Peak, Victoria Harbor, the subway itself, the trams and boats, the airport, and the walk-ups (ask me offline about that) make for a quirky version of 80s Western city. The rent is high and people are stacked for shopping in the multi-cultural city.

My hostel was cool, but a bit strange in its youthfulness as I went out with young Americans, Brits, Filipinos and Australians instead of some authentic Hong Kong people. It felt like a college party which was far from how I wanted it to feel. 

The food in Hong Kong was glorious at these $1 a dish Michelin star rated dim sum spots. I also had pork knuckle, goose, noodles, and soups. However, the dim sum truly stood as did the craft beers. There was than Hong Kong food, but I knew what  I liked.

In Macau I visited one day in a boat ride as I discovered casinos, Portuguese/European style churches and forts, tasting areas (pork cuts, pork chop bun, pasteis de natas and almond cookies), and lots of Cantonese for a place that had lots of Portuguese signs. I wish I had bungee jumped here, but I enjoyed the Portuguese moments, Indiana Jones street, and the black and white wavy patterns.

Overall, Hong Kong had a much more Western feel as it signified my return to the Western world. You should go to either city/country/sovereign state? As they're highly functional and good for a round of shopping and East Asian modernization.