Why We Like Sense8

While I finished season 2 of Sense8 over a week ago, I never got a chance to fully write about why many people enjoy the show as a whole. A variety of people cannot get into the show and are not a fan, but if you are into it then it works for you almost instantly because of the connections. 

Sense8 is a rare love or hate show that is solely based on if its globalism appeals to you or not. If it does, you're hooked if it doesn't there is little anyone could do to sell you on the idea. However, for me and many others this show works because of its passion felt through every character and situation.

The primary premise revolves around eight different people of different ethnicities and genders from different parts of the world being able to have a sense of telepathy, compassion, clairvoyance and being able to discuss life with each other. Each of the characters in their own movie with their own film conventions - cop procedural, telenovela, Nollywood, Bollywood, Korean family crime, German gangster, transgender exploration, and British drug films. What makes this fun is not necessarily recognizes the conventions but what happens when those conventions interact with each other - a German gangster in a Hindu temple or a Korean martial artist in a Nollywood film. As such, it becomes highly entertaining when the characters interact and even more so when all the characters interact - sex scenes and music scenes. 

As such, it becomes refreshing to see all of these cultures, religions, genders, sexualities interact with each other in harmony. In a sense it's hopeful and through season 2 it becomes humanizing in the characters' commonalities as race, gender, class and more melt away when each of you have the same problems under a different name. Capitalism v. Traditional religion becomes relatable to someone dealing with fratricide; as alcoholism in a dying father becomes relatable to someone who has lost their child; Attacks on a homosexual partnership in a Catholic country become as life and death as dealing with poverty pimps and gangs in a shantytown. I could go on and on but it's pushing for a world view of both acceptance and how we're all human in spite of our perceived differences. While some shows and films have attempted this in pieces, Sense8 goes all in all with a premise of what if we could all relate? 

Thus, I find it absolutely wonderful that a show like this exists, it's almost unbelievable to be honest. The Wachowskis of Matrix fame have created a brilliant show that pushes boundaries and calms for empathy across a variety of differences. While the Sense8s have villains, they are in the form of someone trying to capture their power. While seeing the powers in conjunction with each other is a sight to behold (the San Francisco or Seoul chase), the real strength of this show is the heart of believing we can all coexist. 

I do hope that many people, globally see this as there is someone for everyone to relate to. Enjoy and indulge in this show and its possibilities.