Life Without the NFL

This season of football, I truly did boycott the NFL. I think my total time of watching was maybe ten minutes and that was during a hip-hop pub crawl that had the Vikings barely beat another team (I’ll be honest I don’t remember who) because it literally ended in the five seconds and was therefore quite engaging. Beyond that, there were no updates, no fantasy football, no Super Bowl, and no cheering for any team.  As a matter of fact, the only score I knew about was the Super Bowl because I love to see the patriots lose.


 Not watching the game that had blackballed Colin Kaepernick, ignored all its players damaged by CTE and continued to disparage Black and Brown players who wanted to go against police brutality left room for a lot of other moments.  My Sundays were my own again as football is a huge time suck of ~four hours where small bursts of action happen when none happen anywhere else.


In all honesty, there isn’t much for me to root for in the NFL and Roger Goddell is a terrible person who only cares about profits as do most of the white owners of all the teams – there is one Brown owner and his Indian not Black or Latino. There are also hardly any women owning or managing football and I believe there has only been one coach; thankfully more and more sports commenters are women as evidenced in around the horn, but it is still a place where Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones can mistreat their Black men for sports in the good ol’ boys club.


As for me, I no longer have my hometown team of the San Diego Chargers; they’re in Los Angeles now. I don’t have my underdog support of the southern teams of the Falcons (who should’ve beat the patriots the other year) or the Houston Texans and I don’t feel privileged enough to cheer for the NYC teams. However, I have some Giants love for beating the patriots in the Super Bowl two separate years. And you get to see a great deal of what football is and its not the best option for our people in terms of sucking away time, money and energy into a sport that doesn’t respect its players or even its fans.


Instead of watching a poor Prince tribute by Justin Timberlake, go outside, read a book, hang out with friends, workout or even get actual work done. The NFL is still a stronghold for white men with power and it wants nothing to do with you. As such, I’ll continue to not watch the NFL and enjoy life elsewhere.