Travelblog - Montreal in Review

This is probably the longest time in between traveling to a country and writing about the experience. However, my moods have shifted considerably since then which is another conversation. Anyways I had a simple time with Montreal with one more time with my muse, was very different than most of my travels since it was cold travel (European/Colonizer places always seem to be that) and it was Canada so no stamp even though I tried to get all the places I’d ever been in one passport.


The trip was much more subdued even though the apartment was quite nice with a good view from a high rise overlooking the cold exhausts of Montreal. Old Montreal was a nice little stomp around for the odd history of being colonized and fought over (French-Indian War) and debates around English versus French. Along with that there’s an odd mixture of vacant business buildings mixed with all types of food since it is a foodie town with rye whiskey, delicious smoked meats and fish, and the glory that is maple syrup. There’s also this strange revelation of homeless white guys everywhere; nice change of pace but it’s even colder up there.


Some other odds and ends were a cool speakeasy, high diversity (it’s like Chicago but French-Canadian), prostitution that is but isn’t legal, random guy yelling at us in French then English so I was confused as to what he was going for, seeing Black Panther in a foreign country (less racism in Canada so colonization is a bit different for them without all the slavery),  1976 Olympics, and a gay district. 


Overall, it’s a food and shopping town with a good trip Quebec City that I wish I partook in for some castle history as the Quebecois like their independence outside of Canada in a sense. A nice short getaway from the usual pressures of NYC.