California *Insert Stereotype*

My winter break in California was enlightening but more so because it was trip down memory lane to fully comprehend and appreciate where I came from. As I haven't lived there in seven years I have felt that I was distancing myself from the state, family and friends. However, I came back and had a muse to take the journey with. Therefore, I felt terrible for my recent disdain for a beautiful home that was filled with fun and great times. A lot happened on the journey so I will recap in pieces.

Reconnecting with the parents: I hadn't talked to my parents in nearly two months since the election; however, they did a great job in not talking about politics or watching Fox News with me around. As such, it made everything a whole lot more peaceful. Honestly, I missed them and my mom got the house nice for my new year's party while dad reminisced about life with me. I'm glad I can talk to them again, but I now know there is something I can't talk about with them which is sad but true as the only time it happened was speaking on education which I went in on right before my flight back. Definitely told me that we should talk about everything else. 

Reconnecting with my brother: I had a fun time with my brother for a change of pace. He hung out with me and my friends multiple times. I laughed and chatted with him about his child/my niece and our cousin. I saw his barber for a cut, meanwhile I washed his clothes. Then I treated him and his friend to a meal at a great burger joint with some friends in San Diego called Hodad's. Lastly, he came by my New Year's party where we partied up and I impressed him with my partying while I took care of him. It was a fun time and one of the better times I had with him. 

Exploring Schools of the Past: I basically saw every school I attended in California in a sense. I explored Coronado for the beach and saw my middle school. I also hung out with a friend from my middle school who I got to see lead an open mic. He and the muse got me inspired to get back to writing and filming again. I also attended my ten year high school reunion that I helped put on for everyone. It was great to see old friends and certainly hangout primarily with the ethnic crew for a change of pace....I still don't know why I didn't get my friends' numbers. Afterwards, I hung out with my high school homie after seeing his roommate for a brief moment to reconnect with them at a hockey game to discuss life in general. Proud he has a girlfriend now. I also drove up to USC and so how much had changed in nearly all the schools and the new university north center. It's a revolving world and the school's and their surroundings are changing, but I also drove past my elementary school which looks extremely tiny. 

California's landscape: I would also travel around California and see many beautiful sights from Mt. Soledad to Venice Beach to even going down to Tijuana, yes I repeated a city/country finally in a much different way this time with margaritas, tacos, and souvenirs. Best tacos I've ever had hands down. It was also a lot of fun to use Spanish to make deals and talk as well. Lastly, I also went to an intriguing kinky dungeon with an old friend that you can message me about. 

New friends in the city: After Christmas, I had a little San Diego tour with my travel group's friends and different locations around the city, Tijuana, and my house for a New Year's Party. It was the highest amount of Black people I've had at the house, but overall I found it fascinating how many different people have partied at that house - never the same set of people ever. 

Overall this trip was important in that before I landed at home, I felt it would be last time in California for years. Now, I feel that I will try to come back to California as much as I can minus the always boring flight back home. 

Horoscope Friendships, Relationships, Family and Coworkers

Today has been an odd day due to how my sleep was thrown off; however, I felt I would write a few blog posts to get my thoughts out. As such, I'm starting with my blog on horoscopes.  Now we all no I'm not religious, superstitious and generally have a low belief in spirituality. However, I do take note of coincidences (when one door closes, another opens, happening to be at the right place at the right time etc...). One particular coincidence that has been occurring frequently is people's horoscopes and their pairings with me or personalities in general. Before this past year, horoscopes were silly nonsense to me outside of a video game that used it for a strong plot and someone I named in an organization was in years ago. However, recently (and this may be due to hanging with more of melanin brothers and sisters - belief systems are higher in people of color than those without based on my experience), a lot of people are making a lot more sense based on their horoscopes.

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