Horoscope Friendships, Relationships, Family and Coworkers

Today has been an odd day due to how my sleep was thrown off; however, I felt I would write a few blog posts to get my thoughts out. As such, I'm starting with my blog on horoscopes.  Now we all no I'm not religious, superstitious and generally have a low belief in spirituality. However, I do take note of coincidences (when one door closes, another opens, happening to be at the right place at the right time etc...). One particular coincidence that has been occurring frequently is people's horoscopes and their pairings with me or personalities in general. Before this past year, horoscopes were silly nonsense to me outside of a video game that used it for a strong plot and someone I named in an organization was in years ago. However, recently (and this may be due to hanging with more of melanin brothers and sisters - belief systems are higher in people of color than those without based on my experience), a lot of people are making a lot more sense based on their horoscopes.

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