Black Facts and Trump Times

At least once I day I will google or see the word Trump followed by an outcry of absurdity that I still can't believe exists in a position of power in the modern United States.  At the same time, every morning for the past two weeks I have put up a Black Fact about someone or someplace and eventually something that pertains to Black American culture. As such, I feel they are in such sharp contrast to appreciating the souls and spirits of people to feeling embarrassment for even claiming you are from the United States.

While I feel that this also highlights my difficulties in my personal life in living with work you can't stand and now absolute confusion on to where you will be this time next year. The unpredictability is frightening to us, especially me and my bouts of anxiety. However, we can take some solace in the facts that are known. We know that in this month of February, that celebrates in even greater abundance the valiant and often hidden accomplishments of Black Americans, we feel a sense of tranquility for what is predictable and routine. 

While my earlier posts have all but come to fruition from the current administration, there can be some peace in seeing that the US and even the world seem to have a large amount of issues with it. Though he does so much wrong, we continue to fight and even educate ourselves. I wish that we had these moves for Black Lives Matter, gay rights, religious rights, immigration, and so much more. However, I have seen people do protests and moves that I have never seen before.  My  white friend finally showing me that he wears an "I Can't Breathe" shirt in public, my usually silent elementary buddies showing up and protests to get angry about the social conditions of our government, even a conservative friend finding all of this to be absurd, and my students vehemently opposed and magnificently aware of all the transgressions occurring. It is an amazing sight to behold.

In essence, we are becoming the Black Facts that I hope you and many others will continue to share around the globe. The more aware we are as a people the less strife we will have to deal with in the future.