The Top 20 Characters of the Marvel Netflix Defenders Series

Having finished Iron Fist, I decided to rank the characters of the four main Marvel Defenders titles on Netflix. As I have thoroughly enjoyed these characters and these shows I felt it appropriate to rank the characters. I almost went for a top 25 but as it was simply two characters outside of 20, I felt 20 was appropriate. 

Here are my criteria for ranking these characters:

Defining Moment/s- What are the moments that endear these characters to us, what made us truly value them as characters whether for evil or good

Weak Moment/s- What about this character is not a great trait? What moves them down in the ranking? What makes them less than perfect?

Comic Book Aversion/Similarities - Is the character an accurate representation of source material or a modern updating for the better? 

Overall Impact - How does this character affect the show and the story of the Defenders as a whole?

As such *SPOILERS* are to be expected

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