Travelblog: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is controlled chaos. The traffic is heavy, there are tons of cars, and the people have a frenetic ebb and flow. At the same time, there are BTS skytrains and metros that bring in a semblance of order to move people around. There are also glorious temples like Wat Pho (pearl of inlay on the feet of a reclining Buddha - reclining Buddhas are one of the common position of Buddha in Theravada Buddhism). Another highlight  is Wat Phra Kaew which is the king's (insanely important to Thailand) palace and Emerald Buddha Temple. All of these I had a lot of fun with while dodging Chinese tourists and taking off my shoes everywhere.  In terms of culture, cooking classes and food tours on Tuk-tuks were other wondrous moments. As such, I now have an aversion for paying top dollar for Thai food since it was often a $1.50 for Pad Thai that was better than any in the US. Furthermore, my own cooking was better than most of the food I have had in the US.  This would also be my foray into Asian markets which I got so used to as it became the lifeblood of the regoin as people ate and bought ingredients in the markets.

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