The Top 20 Characters of the Marvel Netflix Defenders Series

Having finished Iron Fist, I decided to rank the characters of the four main Marvel Defenders titles on Netflix. As I have thoroughly enjoyed these characters and these shows I felt it appropriate to rank the characters. I almost went for a top 25 but as it was simply two characters outside of 20, I felt 20 was appropriate. 

Here are my criteria for ranking these characters:

Defining Moment/s- What are the moments that endear these characters to us, what made us truly value them as characters whether for evil or good

Weak Moment/s- What about this character is not a great trait? What moves them down in the ranking? What makes them less than perfect?

Comic Book Aversion/Similarities - Is the character an accurate representation of source material or a modern updating for the better? 

Overall Impact - How does this character affect the show and the story of the Defenders as a whole?

As such *SPOILERS* are to be expected

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Luke Cage Write-Up

Anyways, I wanted to write-up thoughts on Luke Cage specifically around Blackness, cinematography, music, and as a comic book story. In terms of Blackness, it’s hard to place the show in a box because while we have seen Black shows such as comedic series like Martin or In Living Colour, we haven’t seen as many drama shows. Sure you could argue for The Wire and New York Undercover, but for because this is Netflix and this is a comic book series the show is elevated completely into mainstream.  As such, Cleo Choker intentionally made many of the show pieces showcase Black culture from the music, clothing, references – Invisible Man and Langston Hughes, manner of speaking – sorors and talking about your moms, there is a large amount of content that a casual non-Black viewer will not understand.

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Top 10 Comic Book Superheroes

This will be a great year for comic book films. At the end of the day you've got to think how great it is for comics to be fully realized on screen. While the Box Office has been trying this for years with varying success, the 2000s created some well made comic book films and the 2010s has made it into it's own genre that rakes in millions of revenue. However, like the films, not all comic book superheroes are created equal. While villains and sidekicks make for great lists as well, I've decided to keep it to the heroes for this list.  Along with that, I've also decided to include any adaptions of said character (perhaps you like Daredevil more because of the show or maybe you've jumped off the Wolverine train because you're tired of him).

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