Knowledge and Skill Sets

It has been about a month since I posted as April was a truly busy month and May is quite the same.


A friend connected me with a group on Facebook where people outline their knowledge and skills. As I waited on my job to let me know what to do with me in the next year, these skills became more apparent to me. That wait time enabled me to want to eventually leave the charter and begin to educate adults.  How I wanted to do that, I haven't figured out though a Doctorate to become a professor seems plausible to me. Even if it is not a Doctorate, I realize there are a variety of skills I can educate adults on. As such, this led to ideas on entrepreneurship. Ultimately, I'm trying to move into less worry and realizing I am not parents and will be absolutely fine at holding a job and living space while eventually meeting a special someone (who I am ok moving about with until we figure it all out). Still, if I want to be successful in educating adults I have to utilize my skills, which I will list here.

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