What I Seek and What I Bring

Anyways, my life has continued to transform as I have become more self aware in all that I am doing. As such, besides impacting career ideas in the future with this website, it has impacted the ways in which I view my relationships with family, friends and women. I remember about eight months ago or I posted an article saying that I knew I wasn't ready for someone.  This was true because I had yet to run my course at the beginning of this year or take off on a trip to Southeast Asia (one more day!). I now realize that there is no such concept as ready. You either want someone or you do not and you adapt accordingly. I've had a lot ideas that I would never do this or never do that if I settled down which has been ludicrous thinking. What I have found to be much truer is the ways in which I am to be honest about what I want and who I want and who I am.

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